What is ROLLER.?



roll·er noun:
a cylinder that rotates around a central axis and is used in various machines and devices to move, flatten, or spread something. An absorbent revolving cylinder attached to a handle, used to apply paint.


Greetings, I’m William AKA Will or Will.I.am. I’m the writer and webmaster behind ROLLER., a new thriving blog gravitating around street arts forms.

As far as my teenagerhood brain can remember it, I have somehow always felt attracted to arts and more personally to street arts.

In 2010, it clicked after watching ‘Women are Heroes’, that my brother produced, one of the 1st full length feature film documentary about French street artist JR, the artist that was becoming world acclaimed.

A few years later in Berlin and as an artist, I got the opportunity to collaborate with one of the pioneers of street art and participated to a few installations.

Starting the blog aside of the 9 to 6 job, ROLLER. is a way to showcase street art, inform online audiences and giving more visibility to the diversity of talents of the street art world.


Thank you for following and supporting ROLLER.!