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An interview with the artist Fran (

Nice to meet you.
What’s your name and where are you based?

Fran: I’m Fran and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Do you like it here?

I like it very much, the people, the culture and the food are amazing!

When you were a teenager, how was it growing up?

I was educated with many freedoms, had the opportunity to go and play outdoors a lot. From doing little inventions outside to playing with legos creativity was always there.

What sparked your interest into doing street art?

I’m really interested in big peaces of art, the challenge of making something huge is what makes it interesting, also the work ceases to be individual and begins to be made by a group. The street is like the art gallery full of blank canvases. I personally like to respect the place and paint in legal locations or abandoned ones.

Did you always have much interest in paintings or arts in general? 

Yes, always.

By the way, what do you do for a living?

Although I do some commissioned work, I was never able to live fully from art. I’m a graphic designer and I use my free time to spend in my art projects.

Do you take orders and how do you draw the line on whether to take that offer or not?

The artistic freedom is a deal breaker, I’m willing to work for free if I can do whatever I want as long as the artwork is not used for commercial purposes.

The artist at work in Melbourne

Any type of gig that makes you excited?

3 things that make me excited for a job: huge walls, artistic freedom and a high level of public exposure.

Is it more common for you to be approached by clients or vice and versa? 

When it comes to commissioned work, it’s always the client who comes to me. That’s because it is very hard to sell art to someone that is not interested in your style.

When creating a new piece, which art technique inspires you most?

Any kind of illustration can be a source of inspiration.

Which era or area resonates with you the most?

My style in particular has something to do with pop art, because of the colors and some mechanic techniques. It is not directly inspired but it has some connection.

Are you part of a crew of street artists?

No, but I would like to be, or to make my own.

Which other art forms inspire you the most?

Children’s books illustration, graphic illustrations and artistic graphic design.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on instagram

How should clients contact you?

IG : ask me any question from there.

Thanks! that was awesome. Some words of conclusion?

Art is not something you choose, art is something that choose you and from the moment that happens you will need it for the rest of your life.

Photograph: ROLLER. (N.B. the lovely featured image for this interview has been provided thanks to the artist).

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