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An interview with the artist Bonus TMC.

Nice to meet you.
What’s your name and where are you based?

(Bonus Tmc) I’m Bonus Tmc, I live in Bangna.

Do you like it here?

Yes, I love Thailand.

When you were a teenager, how was it growing up?

I was studying art and painting in public spaces.

What sparked your interest into doing street art?

Public space, large size, and you can see your work again when you drive by.

Did you always have much interest in paintings or arts in general? 

Yes, I’m inspired by them.

By the way, what do you do for a living?

Making art is the main source of income.

Do you take orders and how do you draw the line on whether to take that offer or not?

Sure I like to draw and earn money making art.

Any type of gig that makes you excited?

Every work that I have done because of the concept, place and people I have met.

Is it more common for you to be approached by clients or vice and versa? 

Most of the customers contact sometimes from friends and acquaintances.

When creating a new piece, which art technique inspires you most?

Spray, Acrylic, Sculpture.

Which era or area resonates with you the most?

The 90’s, the era that is changing from manual to automatic.

Which other art forms inspire you the most?

All about art – music – fashion.

Where can we follow you?

IG : BonusTmc, FB : BonusTmc

How should clients contact you?

IG : BonusTmc, FB : BonusTmc

Thanks! that was awesome. Some words of conclusion?

Welcome to Thailand.

Photograph: ROLLER.

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