ARTSTER Vol. 2: “Character ≠ Character”

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Bangkok, the biggest art fair exhibition is back.

After an introductory edition last March,

ARTSTER, AKA the biggest national art fair launched its second volume entitled Vol. 2: “Character ≠ Character” and gathered over 40 artists to present to an enthusiastic audience during 4 days of artistic celebration.

Art works by artist anmom

This 2nd version of the exhibition which took place at Seacon Square Srinagarindra between the 13th and 16th of July praised the diversity interpretations of Character art in contemporary culture and brought together an eclectic panel of talents.

With more than 40 artists represented and as many distinct personalities, skills and styles, the exhibition had the ability of resonating with the wide panel of visitors on a personal level.

One of the huge art walls filled live during the 4 days

ARTSTER made the maximum use of its space’s acquisition :
the artists’ carefully chosen artwork creations, but in total a numerous amount of art pieces, were available into every of the 4 titled and large display capacities available to walk by.

Once or while they are discovering the artworks, ARSTER invites its audience to connect with the artists and meet them in their dedicated art booths.

Artists NEOW and jahflame

ARTSTER Vol.2 is a 4-days multiskilled exhibition that includes versatile assets : workshops, artist talks, live drawing on massive art walls, markets, dj’s and even a large area for its audience to engage.

Artist Bonus TMC performing live during the exhibition

Painters, illustrators, digital artists, toy makers and sculptors all contributed to the multi-dimensional experience of this second version of the art fair curated once again by GINK and PHAI.


It is needless to say that this edition of ARTSTER was a delight and hopefully promises a next volume chapter on the horizon.

Kids were warmly welcomed to participate with their parents

Photograph: ROLLER.

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Artists’ complete list and info provided by ARTSTER:


AnOfficerDies l PUCK l Korn Doll l Mr.Censor l JWON l NEOW l Max Kreangkim l CARTOON l Boyhern l Jorn Behind l jahflame l 29art_Ruby


Pod Moderndog l Lolay l Note Kritsada l Nariss l Phai Tanasan l Munin l Anmom l Trick Black Deal


Pod Moderndog l TRK l Hideyuki Katsumata l SONGOD66 l BonusTMC l James Wisit l OLE l DOJO l TOSMILE l BAIPOE

“GIRL CHARACTER” 8 artists

ERRORYEAH l KASARIN l Tomato Head l Nymm Kaewtrakan l Tamruja Nat l Alice l POOKPIK l Nc Narisara

Curated by GINK & PHAI

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