Chalermla Park

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Bangkok. Known as Graffiti Park, the playground is a place of exposition for the street art scene.

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Charoenkrung,

the Chalermla Park AKA Graffiti Park which holds a playground and a futsal court was pretty run down prior to 2013. Today it stands out as a demonstration to the creativity and expression integrated into a public space.

In 2013 and 2016, the BUKRUK Urban Arts Festival skyrocketed the Thai capital’s street art scene with the creation of many artworks, with most of them nowadays considered as part of the face of the city.

Taking place into different districts of Bangkok and connecting many Asian and European artists participants, the street art festival encouraged the conversion of the Chalermla park into a colorful graffiti park.

Yet another work by BKK’s artist Alex Face

The 10-days festival and its recognition helped assist a sense of legitimacy for the local’s street art culture which has been acknowledged by the local government.

You’ll be able to observe an artwork by emblematic Bangkok’s artist Alex Face and which was painted as early as in 2013.

Visitors can also enjoy artworks from notorious local artists, including An Officer Dies and MueBon.
Various well intricate stencils and graffiti from anonymous artists are covering the park’s walls sometimes supplanting the pieces that were promoted at the times of the festival.

Once you arrive in the park, you’ll notice the striking and breathtaking mural masterpiece created by Yoichi Takahashi himself and author of the beloved Captain Tsubasa (Kyaputen Tsubasa) manga series (and also an anime), which was painted by multiple artists.

The project was founded by the Japan Professional Football League and became fully visible to the public in December 2021.

A huge mural by Kyaputen Tsubasa’s creator

The 3 players at the top of the mural represent the professional Thai footballers Chanathip Songkrasin, Theerathorn Bunmathan and Sitthichok Sopa who played in the Japan League and have been stylized as characters of the manga by the mangaka/author Yoichi Takahashi.

Nevertheless, the series’ fans will appreciate the presence of the original and iconic characters Tsubasa Oozora, Kojirō Hyūga or Genzo Wakabayashi.

The mural was repainted a few times in the past and I’ll advise every fan of the series like myself to get the chance of seeing it.

The graffiti park showcases an eclectic mix of styles, themes, and techniques, making the area an unmissable site for Bangkok’s visitors in the need of street artwork.

A visit to Chalermla Park is a must and a journey of exploration into the world of the city’s street art scenery.

Photograph: ROLLER.

Location :
Nearest BTS : Ratchathewi (couple of minutes walking distance)
Nearest MRT : Petchaburi/Asoke
Phya Thai Road, 12 minutes walk from Siam Paragon

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